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Possible New COVID-related PTCAS Prompt


Jasmine Marcus, PT DPT CSCS
7+ Year Member
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Jan 24, 2012
New York
  1. Physical Therapist
    PTCAS won't confirm the new essay prompts for the upcoming cycle until the application opens on June 17, however, I've seen in multiple places there will likely be a new, optional essay prompt related to COVID in addition to the personal statement. The new essay prompt, according to ACAPT, will be something like:

    "If you feel as though your pathway to a physical therapist education program was educationally, personally, or professionally impacted by the global covid-19 pandemic, please describe for your programs the impact you experienced. Some impacts you may want to consider when responding include:

    • Educational: Did your institution move to requiring online or distance coursework? Were you able to effectively interact with your professors and receive the support needed to succeed? Were you required to move to a Pass/Fail grading system? Did your GRE testing date get canceled or delayed?
    • Personal: Did you unexpectedly have to change your living situation? Did you need to care for a loved one who was directly impacted? Did you seek out new volunteer opportunities that arose from the crisis?
    • Professional: Did you lose a job or need to seek new opportunities? Were your shadowing experiences shortened, delayed, or canceled? Did you face other professional or financial barriers?"


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    May 26, 2020
    1. Pre-Physical Therapy
      Thank you for this! I think it's been confirmed because I was looking on the APTA website at a program site and it said "we STRONGLY encourage applicants to complete the optional COVID-19 essay." I guess we will see tomorrow what it is! Do we have any idea what the character limit might be?
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