Possible Re-App needs Advice


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Jan 22, 2007
  1. Medical Student
    I'm not totally giving up hope yet but in case I have to re-apply I need some advice.

    3.5 BCPM (or whatever the acronym is)
    3.63 OA
    10B, 12V, 8P, Q

    6 mos research during undergrad
    1 year sexual health counselor (at student health center)
    currently a diabetic educator at a community clinic (1 year)
    other ECs

    If I have to reapply, I was thinking of getting certified as a phlebotomist for more clinical expierence/change of pace from my current job.
    I dread retaking the MCAT, but am wondering if that 8P was the nail in my possible coffin. Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Apr 21, 2006
    1. Medical Student
      Retaking the MCAT will definitely help. Your MCAT is decent right now, but schools like to see that you are trying to improve ALL aspects of your application. An 8 on P wouldn't prevent you from getting into med school. A phlebotomist doesn't have TOO much deep patient interaction. All you do is draw blood and work in the lab. I suggest getting an EMT License and working as an EDT. That will boost your resume like crazy.
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