For Sale Premium Editing Services for Medical School or Residency Application and INTERVIEW PREP (NEW!). OPEN AGAIN for 2022-2023 SEASON!

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May 21, 2011
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***** SERVICES ARE BACK OPEN AS OF APRIL 2022 (2022-2023 cycle) *****

Premium Editing Services for Medical School or Residency Applications (including Dental and Pharmacy School)

Hi everyone,

We are now going into the 3rd year of my professional editing services for medical school and residency! I can’t believe where the time has gone. I AM NOW BACK OPEN FOR THE 2022-2023 CYCLE.

I am happy to report an unofficial >95% rate of medical school acceptance from the students that have worked with me.

No doubt this strong success is owed to the dedication and tenacity of the students I have worked with. However, to demonstrate your excellent as an applicant it is required to have a strong personal statement and application capable of demonstrating your qualities in a succinct, yet eloquent manner. Otherwise, you risk your achievements getting lost in the myriad of applications processed each year by the admissions committee.

Having been through and served on the admissions committee process many times, my services will differentiate your application from the crowd and provide the answers that are sought by the very particular requirements of the admissions officers.

Below is a recap of my qualifications. Also, please do read the posts in the original thread for reviews from students I have worked with in the past: For Sale - Professional Editing Services for Medical School or Residency Application and INTERVIEW PREP (NEW!). OPEN AGAIN for 2022-2023 SEASON!

  • I am finishing my chief year of general surgery in a NYC hospital.
  • I was one of the earliest promoted chief residents in my surgery program leading my junior residents on the Bariatric service as early as my PGY3 year.
  • I successfully matched into plastic and reconstructive surgery and will be starting July 2022. I was able to secure 1 of 64 independent positions available in the entire country (as of 2021-2022) and only 1 of 3 in New York.
  • I was accepted to and currently pursuing my MBA at NYU Stern School of Business (rank #10 in US and #19 in world). I have finished about 27.5 of 60 credits to graduate.
  • I have been through the admissions process a total of 6 times (college, master’s program, medical school, surgery resident, MBA, fellowship).
  • I have sat on admissions committees, mostly recently for general surgery residency (as a PGY5 chief surgery resident), and therefore, I have an insider view on what the admissions committee is looking for in evaluating candidates.
  • I am the founder and owner of T3 Professional Editing LLC, which is my company offering these editing services.
  • I am a Magna Cum Laude graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from a top 30 college (US News 2022).
  • As of today, I have 14 publications in affluent peer-reviewed journals (several in the high impact factor Annals of Plastic Surgery journal), 1 SAGES book chapter also in press, and 8 accepted abstracts and posters for national surgical conferences.
  • English is my native language, but I can also read, speak, and write in Turkish and Spanish.
  • I have 9 years of experience editing and revising medical school applications (since 2013). In medical school, based on my score, I was offered by my dean to teach the Examkrackers MCAT course. As a part of the course, I edited many personal statements that have helped students gain admission to medical school. Prior to this, I edited personal statements for college applications that helped students obtain admission to Ivy Leagues. Since 2019, I have turned this into a business in helping students gain entry to professional school including medical school, residency, pharmacy school, and dental school.
  • *** I am the ONLY person who reads, edits, and revises your personal statement and application! Unlike other services, there is zero risk of your delicate and critical essays being edited by someone who is a junior in experience level or in training. ***

Outside of academics, I am an aficionado of cars and enjoy performing mechanical and software modifications on my personal project car. I hope to one day have it ready for the track. I also build computers for recreational purposes. I enjoy playing racquetball, running in Central Park, sporting clays, Broadway shows, and spending time with family and friends in my hometown of NYC.
There is no professional service available who understands the medical school and residency admissions process inside and out like I do. Furthermore, the prices of my services are well below that of professional services and serve to pay my tuition loans including my MBA degree.

Whether you choose my services or someone else's I cannot stress enough that you need someone who has been through the crucible of the medical school application process, someone who has personally filled out an AMCAS application, filled 20+ subsequent secondary applications, and written letters of intent after a long and gruesome interview season. The personal statement is your chance to shine. A superb essay can make or break your application by influencing the admissions committee to overlook a borderline GPA or MCAT score.

The application process, including interviews, is an extremely expensive venture I am too familiar with. However, my services are capable of maximizing your chances your return on investment in the form obtaining an investment.

I recently published a high-yield guide discussing top 10 items on writing a successful personal statement. The cost for my book is $9.99. And if you choose to purchase my revision/editing services, the price of the book is deductible. Here is the link:

Top 10 Tips for Crushing Your Personal Statement for US Allopathic and Osteopathic Medical School Applications

The fees for my services are as follows:

1) Personal statement editing, suggestions, and revisions -- for medical school or residency (up to 2 times): $305
2) AMCAS (medical school) or ERAS (residency) application editing, suggestions, and revisions (up to 2 times): $305
3) Both -- editing, suggestions, and revisions (up to 2 times): $550
4) Secondary application or letter of intent editing, suggestions, and revisions (up to 2 times): 29 cents per word, with discount available for multiple secondary applications.
5) Rush services (turnaround time of 1 business day) is $100 per item.
6) I also offer my services for application to dental school, pharmacy school, or master's programs.
Turnaround time will be 3-5 business days for each revision. Any further revisions (beyond 3rd) are $35 each. However, 95% of the time, we will have a final product by the 2nd revision. Subsequent revision turnaround time is quicker.

I can accept payment via Zelle, PayPal, or cryptocurrency. I offer 5% discount for payments made with Zelle or cryptocurrency (PayPal is sometimes a hassle).

Also offering INTERVIEW PREP (only for medical school or residency applications) over FaceTime/Zoom/Skype or Audio. Flat-fee of $499 for a single session or $699 for two sessions.

Through this service, I will prepare you over FaceTime/Zoom/Skype or Phone (your preference) for mock interview. We will spend approximately 1 hour to run through a set of mock questions and common questions that are asked during the interview for medical school or residency. I will provide feedback and ideas to improve answers so that we can perfect your responses. For further details please contact me.


The fee I am asking for my services will serve to pay medical school, and more recently, my MBA loans. My primary goal is to be able to provide you a service that will aid in you gaining admission to the next step of your career. Please feel free to message me with any questions!

Please feel free to private message me or send email to [email protected]

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See above in original post. Contact me for further details.