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Feb 13, 2020
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    Hello friends:

    I just took the GRE at home this week and got a 158 on quant and 160 on verbal (don't know writing yet). This was after prepping for 1.5 months with Magoosh, Manhattan Prep Book, and the GRE book. I'm a California resident, so Davis is one of my top choices, and I know they weight the quantitative GRE section heavily in deciding who gets to the interview stage. Do you guys think I should try to take the GRE again for a better quant score?

    Some context:

    I am applying in the 2021-22 cycle (rising juinor), so I have some time.
    I have a 3.8 GPA
    I currently have around 700 hrs of vet experience and 1000 hours of animal experience (both are fairly diverse). By the time I apply, I estimate the vet experience will be around 1200 in total.


    UC Davis c/o 2024
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    Sep 26, 2018
      I think as long as you are able to maintain (or increase) your science and last 45 GPA your score should be fine, its a good score. I think the average for in state is usually around 70%. If you check out the thread for last years applicants, a lot of people who got interviews posted individual stats (vs just the average posted on the admissions website) UC Davis c/o 2024 (hopefully). If your grades happen to decline over the next year then you may want to reconsider taking it next summer.

      I ended up taking it twice between when I took it to apply for grad school and then again before applying for vet school. I pretty much just did as many practice quant problems as I could before retaking it the second time and that helped me increase my score from a 155 to a 161. However, my science GPA was on the low end so I really needed that high quant score.
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