Jan 4, 2020
Hey all, I hope this post finds you well and healthy. I have a quick question!As you may know, for most schools that don't offer a committee letter, you have to submit 4 individual letters: 2 from a science professor (which i have already requested and are in progress), 1 from a dentist whom you've shadowed (already requested and in progress), and 1 other letter from any other non-science professor (employer, liberal arts professor, pastor, etc).

I asked a couple of my friends on who I should ask for my 4th letter, and many of them told me that they got one from their biology/chem lab TA. I emailed my Lab TA for organic chemistry 2 and he replied and agreed to write me one, though, he isn't part of my university anymore, and since the time I had him back in spring of 2019, he also attained his Ph.D (which, i dont think would take away from the fact that he still taught my lab for ochem2). I just wanted to come on here and ask if it is fine to attain a letter from him despite his departure from my university... is it? :) thank you guys for reading, If you made it this far, then i appreciate it!


Apr 25, 2019
Laniakea Supercluster
Sorry it doesn't quite answer your question but my university recommends that if a TA is going to write a letter of recommendation, it should be cosigned by the professor.
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