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Research Programs


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jan 25, 2004
hey I already recieved by bachelor's degree already. However i changed my mind and want to do medicine. So now i am finishing my premed requirements at a different university. I was just wondering if anyone here did any research programs as an undergrad or someone that has already graduated but not yet in grad school. Are there any good programs or summer programs out there that can increase my chanes of being admitted into a med school? It seems like most of these programs are for undergrads only? If so can you post some links? I heard by word of mouth that med school applicants have a great chance of being accepted into medical school if they do research for the school that they are applying to. Is that true?


Full Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Sep 13, 2002
  1. Resident [Any Field]
I did a summer research program at UC Davis during the summer b/w my 2 years of post bac work. I actually applied to about 5 programs and got into 4 of them, so it is definitely possible to do programs for undergrads even if you already have a degree. At the time I was still thinking about getting a PhD or MD/PhD and did my applications with that in mind so that may have helped me get in. A lot of the programs designed for future PhD's are not as likely to accept you if you are only considering med school. My summer made me realize it was a clinical and not a research career that I wanted. I am not sure if it helps you get into a specific med school or not, but I did get into UC Davis med school and my interviewer often collaborated with the professor whose lab I worked in. So I doubt it can hurt. I'll list the ones below that I got into which therefore seem to be post-bac friendly.

The NIH also has a post bac program for a year, for people in biomedical sciences. That might be a good thing to consider if you have an application lag year.

Here's one at UConn School of Medicine:

Here's one at Arizona:

Here's the program I did at Davis:

I cannot find the link for the one I got into at NYU. Maybe it doesn't exist anymore.

Hope that helps :)
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