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Mar 6, 2004
    Hey everyone-
    For those who retook the MCAT, how much did your score go up/down and how much additional prep did you do? How do medical schools view taking the test again and doing roughly equal to how you did on your first try? I haven't done nearly enough prep yet, but on my practice tests I'm scoring roughly equal to what I got last April on the actual test...I'm wondering how much I can realistically expect to go up. Thanks for your help!


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    Oct 14, 2003
      I have taken the mcat 2x. The first time I got a 31 with very bad preparation techniques (wish I knew about SDN back then!). I took a lot of advanced bio classes and TA'd general bio for a year, then increased my score in every section after an intense summer of studying. By about a month or so away from the real test, I was surpassing my original score on my practice tests. Practice tests from the AAMC can give you a good idea of what your real score will be like, but I'm sure you know that it will be +/- a few points depending on the questions you get on your test form. If you get the same score again, it'll just confirm your first score...which can be good or bad depending on your first score.
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