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School list help?


New Member
May 29, 2019
  1. Pre-Dental
    Overall GPA: 3.68
    Science GPA: 3.44
    DAT score: AA 22, TS 21, PAT 24, QR 24, RC 23, BIO 20, GC 24, OC 19
    State of Residence: Indiana

    Undergrad Attended: small private university in Indiana
    Major: Biology and Spanish double major
    Minor: Chemistry
    Minority? No
    Reapplicant? No
    Nontrad? No

    Shadowing Experience: 120 hours - 5 different general dentists
    Volunteering Experience: 110 hours
    Employment: ~2000 hours - on-campus employment, childcare, and tutoring
    Research: 240 hours with biology professor - one presentation and one publication
    Other Extracurriculars: Honors Program (18 hours), Captain of athletic team (1000 hours), position held in social sorority (270 hours), President of Pre-Dental Club (20 hours)
    Relevant Honors or Awards: Top 100 Student (university award), Rookie of the Year (athletic team), Dean’s List (one semester)
    LOR type and strength: 2 science professors, 1 Spanish professor, 1 dentist (all strong)
    School list: Indiana, Marquette, Iowa, Louisville, Kentucky, Minnesota, Colorado, Midwestern (IL), Case Western, Tufts, Boston, Nova, LECOM, Temple

    Should I narrow this list down? Which schools should I take off? Do I have a good chance at these schools? I wanted a good balance between state and private schools. Any recommendations and opinions are appreciated.
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