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Apr 24, 2020
  1. Medical Student (Accepted)
    Background info:
    • State/Country of Residence: Washington
    • Ties to other States/Regions: No significant
    • Year in School: Graduated
    • Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): Major: Kinesiology/ Minor: Psychology
    • Graduate Degrees (if applicable): None
    • Cumulative GPA: 3.39
    • Science GPA: Haven't recalculated with post-bacc. Was 3.4 but got 4.0 in Bio, Physics series and Ochem 2 as post-bacc
    • MCAT Score(s): 515
    • Research Experience: Minimal (2 posters in undergrad, 1 research project, no pubs)
    • Physician Shadowing: No explicit shadowing
    • Non-Clinical Volunteering: 250 hours
    • Other Extracurricular Activities: 300 hours volunteering with local free clinic
    • Other Employment History: 5,000 hours as a medical scribe
    • Immediate family members in medicine? (Y/N): No
    • Specialty of Interest (if applicable): Dream of ENT, very open minded though
    • Interest in Primary Care (Y/N): Yes definitely a possibility
    • Interest in Rural Health (Y/N):Yes
    • Medical School List:
    • MD: Washingont State, Univeristy of Washingon, Loma Linda Kaiser, California University, Vermont, Quinnipiac, Albany, New York Medical College, Seton Hall, Drexel, Temple, Jefferson, Penn State, George Washington, Georgetown, Eastern Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth, NOVA, Oakland Beaumont, Western Michigan, Medical College Wisconsin, Loyola, Rosalind Franklin, St.Louis, Creighton
    • DO: AT Still, ACOM at Midwestern, California Health sciences, ICOM, LECOM, Liberty, NYIT, NOVA, PNWU, Rocky Vista U, Touro, University New England, Western U ( CA and OR)

    I feel so lost making a school list given my poor GPA and I'm not sure if my MCAT compensates for it. Any insights or suggestions for me?
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