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Apr 21, 2019
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I am applying via AMCAS this year, so I requested all of my transcripts on May 5, 2020. My undergraduate transcript still has not been marked received after waiting for a month and a half. I submitted AMCAS already, so this one missing transcript is the only thing keeping me from entering the verification queue.

My undergraduate registrar confirmed it was sent the week I ordered it (May 5th) with the correct form and information, but it was never received by AMCAS. The registrar followed up by emailing my transcript to AMCAS (which they don't normally do) and then mailed a second transcript. My undergrad is located in DC, so the transcript was not traveling far.

Like many others, I have tried to reach AAMC a number of times. I have emailed, called, and even tried to reach them through Twitter but I tend to get either no response, a generic response that does not address my issue, or a referral to the transcript team which doesn't respond. After receiving a callback from a man at AAMC who escalated the issue several days ago after saying it definitely should have been marked received by now, my transcript has still not been found. I know a lot of people are having similar transcript issues, but from what I can tell people who requested transcripts the first week of May have had them marked "received" by now, and most people who had their case escalated got it resolved within a day or two.

Is there anything else I should be doing right now? I'm not sure how much impact a delay to my application will have in this unusual year, so I'm not sure if I should be worried about this issue or not.


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Mar 30, 2014
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This is not going to have an impact on your application. Remember, medical schools don’t evaluate applications in the order they are received but based on other factors. For most of the next month and a half admissions offices are focused on filling up / on boarding the class of 2024. They likely won’t begin to seriously review applications till August. Right now, there likely is not anything more that you can do since you have: 1. Had two hard copies of transcripts sent and 2. Had an electronic copy sent. If I were in your shoes, I would wait a week before contacting the AAMC again and before having a 3rd transcript sent.

There is a tendency during this process to fixate on things that are beyond your control and worry that they will have an outsized impact on your application. I would encourage you to resist this as much as possible. Here are some things that you could be doing instead: 1. Start looking at secondary essay prompts and begin writing responses. 2. Look up which schools are requiring CASPER for the first time this year and register for the exam. 3. Research mission statements of the medical schools you are applying to in order to hone your responses. Try to focus on the things that are in your control and let the rest go. Best of luck to you on your application cycle.


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Jul 26, 2009
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Traveling far in the mail isnt the issue. It is the extremely limited staffing and ability to retrieve, scan, and marked received. AMCAS has said that it may take up to 10 business days to physically pickup and open mail and another 15 days to be scanned and marked received, 25 business days is effectively 5-6 weeks calendar. Additionally, AMCAS has announced with limited staff working remotely can take 8 weeks to verify. Everybody is in the same boat and let me tell you what you can do about it: nothing. the schools know that this year is going to be slower and stretched out.