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Sep 4, 2010
I am interested in Prosthodontics postdoctoral program in both the University of British Columbia and Boston University.

However, I cannot decide which one is better.

Both programs are accredited by ADA and will lead to the american board. The living place is also nice in both city.

Anyone have an idea about this?

Thank you very much
Aug 21, 2010
I'm married to someone who did BU Pros and I think he learned alot from the program. Again this was in the early 90's so I don't know how it's now. IT's heavily roundhouse C& B, implants, case studies, labwork from scratch. Be prepared to be in the lab until 1-2 in the morning. YOu work in conjunction with endo & perio also. Overall a very good program except for a few a--holes instructors (which I think are now gone). Go and check out the program and spend the day with the residents then ask them if they're happy with it. Boston is a great place to live.