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Feb 23, 2016
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Hey everyone!
So my first application has been going pretty well but now I am trying to decide between the 2 schools I have been accepted to so far. Any help/input is greatly appreciated!

-WAAYYY closer to home (like a 2 hour drive)
-Already paid some of the deposit
-Not that much mandatory attendance (I think there is some in the first year)
-opportunity to come to home state for 3rd year rotations (I would like to be close to family so this is very appealing)
-good board scores and match list (I’m pretty set on primary care anyway so...)
-Students seemed friendly (which is a lot to say for the east coast lol, but there are Canadians that go there so maybe that’s why haha jk)

-higher COL
-board materials not given
-convoluted grading (it’s pass fail but students have a hard time figuring out their grades)
-OMT emphasis
-little/no mission trip
-not as transparent of a website so hard to find if there are research opportunities etc.

-awesome facilities, new Cape Fear Valley Center which means more research and other opportunities
-Great board scores (I think some of the highest out of the DO schools)
-Awesome match list and residency placement outcomes
-school emphasizes boards prep and gives materials to students
-Students seemed very friendly (I’m an ethnic minority and it didn’t seem at all as if I would be excluded in any way)
-MISSION TRIPS! school emphasizes global health and has very organized trips, several times a year
-GREAT website that is very transparent and easy to navigate (something that imo is rare to find for DO schools)-obviously this is a minor “pro”

-Significantly far from home, I’m from East Coast so maybe culture shock as well
-Grading!?! No pass/fail for first two years from what I gather
-Rural emphasis
-I’ve heard there is mandatory attendance, but judging by how well students do here it may not be that bad?

Any other pros and cons that y’all wanna include, please do. I NEED TO MAKE A DECISION BY END OF JANUARY!!!

Jun 29, 2020
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I'm a current applicant myself and had roughly the same decision to make. I chose UNE COM primarily because I'm from the northeast with strong personal ties to Maine and I appreciate the emphasis that UNE COM places on serving the local community, which is where I want to end up in the long run. I'm also unapologetically LGBT and the idea of going to a christian school in a potentially conservative area for four years just didn't sit well haha. HOWEVER I've heard that Campbell is a very open-minded sort of religious institution and I had a great interview experience there! I'm totally confident that I would have been happy going there if I hadn't gotten into UNE. I believe Campbell has lower tuition and COL so that's definitely something to think about as well.
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Jun 11, 2010
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Both good schools; I've been very impressed with CUSOM match list. No mean feat for a new school. The only concern I have is the mandatory lecture attendance. Adult learners know better than Faculty on how to best learn the material.

I'd pick the school with the cheapest tuition.

@mel0099 one caveat for LGBT students is that while the school might be welcoming, the local communities might not. Best to inquire in the school-specific thread about this.
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