WAMC 4.0/522 ORM

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Sep 5, 2021
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Hi! Thank you so much for taking a look at my application! I am currently writing my personal statement and other parts of my primary application. If anyone is able to look at my personal statement and provide feedback, I would greatly appreciate it. I think my weakness is my writing, since I tend to write in a straightforward and mundane manner.
  1. 4.0 cGPA and 4.0 sGPA
  2. 522 (132/129/131/130), 1 attempt
  3. Oregon resident
  4. ORM/Asian
  5. Large public state school
  6. 1000 clinical volunteering as CNA, patient care coordinator, and patient advocate at free clinics
  7. 2000 hours biology research, one mid-author IF 10 publication, undergrad symposium presentation
  8. 500 hours psychology research, no pubs, posters/abstracts w/ DOI at two national conferences
  9. 300 hours clinical research, 1 first-author pub in IF 5, 1 first-author under review in IF 3 + oral presentation at national conference
  10. 80 hours shadowing family med, internal med, PM&R, anesthesiology, and pulmonary
  11. 400 hours non-clinical volunteering leading a nonprofit working with homeless group
  12. President of two student clubs, officer of a couple of others
  13. 150 hours assistant for a mentorship program focused on supporting underrepresented minorities in psychology, did some research on it and presenting it at undergrad research symposium
  14. 250 hours TA'ing classes
  15. 3 part-time jobs including tutor and receptionist throughout college (~1.5k hours)
  16. Several undergraduate scholarships/grants ranging 2k-8k
  17. Even though I am ORM, I was disadvantaged (low-income family, Pell grant recipient)
  18. Personal statement will be focused on healthcare disparities and my experience with them - no research in it (open to suggestions on structure)
  19. I have seen several of my LORs, and they are pretty strong imo
Tentative school list: I have Fee Assistance Program, so I'm planning on applying broadly to almost all of the T50 MD schools except for those with strong-in state bias. I would love UCSF but they definitely have some instate bias :/

Also, if anyone has insight into strategies for submitting letters, I would appreciate it. I know some schools allow you to submit as many as possible, but if you submit, say, 6, does the adcom only read a few? I know I have 2 extremely strong letters that say I am the best they have worked with, but I don't want to "dilute" them with other, albeit strong, letters

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You do not need to apply to 50 schools with your stats. I suggest these:
Washington University (in St. Louis-almost a guaranteed interview with your stats)
U Chicago
U Michigan
Case Western
U Virginia
Johns Hopkins
U Penn
Mount Sinai
Boston University
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I would be surprised if OHSU does not try to interview you. However it works help to know more about how your background informs your decision to pursue medicine. What is your purpose as a physician?