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Where should I apply?


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2+ Year Member
Jul 3, 2018
    Just decided recently to also apply to DO schools on top of MD, but I have no idea what schools I would be competitive/a good fit for.

    cGPA: 3.65
    sGPA: 3.62
    506 MCAT (125, 124, 127, 130)
    VA Resident
    URM - Black
    5 LOR (3 professors and 2 physicians)
    150 hours of basic science research
    200 hours observing and volunteering at a primary care private practice (MD)
    160 hours volunteering at a hospital
    150 hours observing a surgeon (MD)
    150 hours volunteering at a food kitchen helping the underserved population
    90 hours total working as a chair for a MUN conference on 3 separate occasions
    250 hours in a premed organization, 2 years on exec
    220 hours working as Vice President in a student government position
    Worked at a fast food restaurant one summer
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