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25 days after first peak

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by 126990, 04.30.12.

  1. 126990

    126990 Guest

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    I sat for the MCAT on Saturday, but there was a computer problem and I have to retest (without a score). I'll test on May 24. I was peaking, had done all the AAMC's, was feeling ready, went through TPR and TBR test prep material. Now I'm back to waiting around and I want feedback regarding how best to prepare and stay sharp.

    My thoughts include:

    1) EK practice tests (all of them), reviewing details I am unsure of;
    2) Study my notes and weak topics, especially as I go through EK practice tests;
    3) Re-do all of the AAMC tests, to get deeper into the mind of the MCAT;
    4) 2 verbal passages per day.

    Thoughts? Thank you...
  2. kasho11


    To quote a great man, "Peaked, Dee? Let me tell you something. I haven't even begun to peak. And when I do peak, you'll know. Because I'm going to peak so hard, that everybody in Philadelphia will feel it."

    But if you really were peaking an extra 3 weeks shouldn't be that long of a time, I don't think all those practice tests are necessary. Maybe a few tests, a few final content review run throughs and review of the later AAMCs.

    That's just my thoughts, I was pretty crazy gung ho about my plans, now given I will have finished most of Kaplan's materials, the whole TPRH workbook, and about 19 practice tests by test day, I still wanted to push myself harder to do more. I realized that it's really not necessary. All that extra crazy practice probably won't help that much if you truly were peaking.

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