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App now available in iTunes!!!

Discussion in 'Sigler Drug Cards' started by SFI Medical, 03.02.11.

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    Just this year, we have proudly introduced our new iphone application! This is now available in the iTunes store. All of the information from the Top 300 cards is presented in an easy-to-navigate application form, with search, browse, bookmarking and notetaking capabilities. The information from the Pocket Index Guide is also included. Coming very soon we'll also have a "Lite" version (to allow users to try before they buy) and a QUIZ section, which will allow the user to quiz themselves on part or all of the information from the Drug Cards.

    Please view our WEBSITE to find out more details and view pictures from our app!

    This offer is not included in the 15% SDN Member discount, HOWEVER, if you purchase the 26th edition Prescription set, a rebate for $10 will be included for purchase of both!

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