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Appropriate population to pain specialist ratio

Discussion in 'Pain Medicine' started by member, 08.09.05.

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    If one is planning to start a practice what are the factors to be considered in terms of city and population size before one embarks on such a journey? Once you decide the city is big enough, how do you go about it. Do you need exclusive contracts with hospitals or can you advertize to PCP and gain momentum.
  2. Doctodd


    Miami, FL
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    i dont know about population, but to get known, consider both. The hospital may back you financially or with space/equipment if there isnt someone already there doing pain. Also, drug reps and the functions they put on are good ways to meet other docs who may refer. I found meeting pcp docs at dinners was easier than interrupting their day.


    edit....also dont underestimate your value to a hospital or ASC. They make ALOT of money off you in the facility fee, A trans esi makes them close to $900 in Florida depending on the payor. I happened to ask my ASC manager this week.

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