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Biological Sciences Section

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by Flmike44, 02.20.13.

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  1. Flmike44



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    From all of the review books I have read, and there are many! I have come to think that this section one should become very aware of all of the facts in and out, but nothing besides this can prepare you.

    Practice MCATs are your best friends when it comes to reps. as well as EK practice problems(not that great though, but besides that nothing beats just knowing the ins and outs, of the bioogical processes and mechanisms. To some extent I feel this about the Orgo tested too. So as a result I like to read the material, watch videos and study this way, I feel no practice problem will really be on the acutal test, and the best I can do is read ALOT, of what exactly from a matter of a fact standpoint what is being asked, in the respective subject content According to AAMC Content overview on Biological Sciences and Organic Chemistry.

    Either my thought pattern is entirely clouded, or I am reading into it like I believe I am supposed to. Any advice on hor I approach this mentally will help me a great deal.

    Thank you.
  2. Jepstein30


    Medical Student
    SDN 2+ Year Member
    Your logic is somewhat correct but also flawed. If you don't want to take practice passages because there is extremely low probability the same content will show up on your exam, what's the point in reading alot since there is an equally low probability that what you read will be on the exam.

    But that's not why people take practice passages:
    1) Good way to test if you know the material well
    2) Good way to develop the skills necessary to do well on a passage even if you don't know anything about the topic (which will be common of the time on the MCAT)

    Unless you manage to get extremely lucky or master nearly every single topic in Biology/Organic Chemistry (not just those listed, since AAMC can bring in another topic not on that list, explain it in a passage and ask you about it.. meaning you need to have good analytical and test-taking skills), just doing content review isn't going to help much.

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