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Chicago Programs

Discussion in 'Sleep Medicine' started by SleepDoctor, 08.22.11.

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  1. SleepDoctor

    SleepDoctor Time to sleep

    Resident [Any Field]

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    Any thoughts on the Chicago based programs? Which is the best overall?
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  3. SleepMD1

    SleepMD1 2+ Year Member

    Attending Physician
    I graduated for U of C. Was very happy with the program. Probably read some 1200-1400 studies during the year. The PD teaches a lot and is very up to date with whats going on in the field. You have a continuity clinic once a week + another 3 half day clinics per week. We usually came in at 9 and were done by 3 pm most days... No research requirement but if you want to stay in academics its a great place with Gozal/Van Cauter and others there.

    I dont know much about the other Chicago programs..

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