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getting prepared

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical Allopathic [ MD ]' started by Jim Henderson, 08.23.99.

  1. Jim Henderson

    Jim Henderson

    SDN 10+ Year Member

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    Hi. First of all, this is a wonderful website. Keep it up! I am a sophomore and majoring in Biology-pre professional. I want to go to med school really bad. I just bought the "Kaplan MCAT Comprehensive Review" book. I wanted to start getting familiar with the MCAT, even though I have about two years until I take the exam. Is there any thing else I should be doing right now to increase my chances of getting into med school? I am currently doing research and have a GPA of 3.71. I know I have a while until med school, but I just want to do everything possible to ensure my chances. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  2. drhenderson

    drhenderson Senior Member

    Columbia, MO, USA
    SDN 10+ Year Member
    Sounds like you are in good shape so far! Make sure you have your letters of recommendation wrapped up. Do you have any volunteer experience? That is a necessity. I'd take a practice MCAT or two out of some of the available books that offer practice tests. See how you do on those then focus on your weaknesses. You may want to look into some of the summer research experiences available at other schools, especially medical schools. The following link gives some summer opportunities for premeds.
    Thanks for writing and please spread the word about our site!
    Jim Henderson, MD of

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