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How many hours worked per week?

Discussion in 'Family Medicine' started by DocStrangelove, Jul 1, 2004.

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  1. DocStrangelove

    DocStrangelove Junior Member

    Jun 22, 2004

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    About how many hours per week does a family medicine doc work? I'm not talking about residency. I've heard some people say they don't work that much, some only 4 days a week. I've heard others say they work almost 60 hours per week. How many days a week are you typically on call overnight?
  2. NuMD97

    NuMD97 Senior Member

    Feb 1, 2002
    New York
    SDN 10+ Year Member
    That's the beauty of family medicine: it depends on the kind of practice you want to go into. I'll give you an example: a friend works as an ER director under the FP umbrella. He works for a major university system hospital and works three 12-hour shifts. He takes four-day weekends and has a nice salary plan with the university: lot of perks and benefits. He just got a hefty 30K raise and loves his life. From what I can see, it's a pretty sweet deal.
  3. Willamette

    Willamette Good with a bo-staff

    Mar 20, 2004
    At home, eating all the chips...
    SDN 7+ Year Member
    Dr. SL,

    Check this link out...it shows that FPs average ~50hours/week.


    Also, I read somewhere that many new FPs (even in rural areas) are having it written into their contract that they have call no more than once every 4-5 days. Try and find some of the websites that post FP jobs and see what they are advertising as call schedules.


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