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How much does personal malpractice insurance cost?

Discussion in 'Physical Therapy' started by maxplanck, 12.28.09.

  1. maxplanck


    SDN 2+ Year Member

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    How much does personal malpractice insurance cost?

    I would like to do pro bono work outside of my job, and am trying to do the sums in order to see how it can work. I am not a PT yet, I'm doing preliminary research before applying to grad school.
  2. johncronejr


    DPT / OTD
    SDN 2+ Year Member
    I could not find the premium cost, but I did find a good website for the personal liability insurance endorsed by the APTA. I am including a link that shows a study done on malpractice claims with this company. It's a good read. Perhaps a practicing PT can post what premiums they pay. If I were you, I would just contact the insurance company and query them on costs. Services/Physical_Therapy_Claims_Study.pdf

    You also should check out an organization called Doctors Without Borders. This organization works in over 60 countries providing medical care.

    Another group that I plan to work with is the Special Olympics. As part of their Healthy Athletes initiative, they have a group, among others, that is for physical therapist who wish to volunteer. The group is called FUNFitness. Here is the link to the brochure explaining the program. The second link is one that shows the overall Healthy Athletes plan.

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