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interview questions

Discussion in 'ERAS and the NRMP Match' started by jd807, 10.01.03.

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  1. jd807

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    I have two questions-

    I have an interview offer in the SE ( where i sent most of my apps). I am hoping to get more, so I havent responded yet. I was hoping to make a week or so trip down there and interview several places. I am feeling pressure to respond back to this program, but realistically might not get more interviews for a couple weeks. Any thoughts on scheduling? I am coming from CA.

    When should i start worrying or actually contacting programs that havent downloaded my info? One of my top choices hasnt as of yet. I submitted my ERAS on sept 2 , so it has been about a month.

  2. ckent

    ckent Removed

    Based on what I've been reading and hearing, I'd go ahead and reserve a day based on your best guess on which day would be best for you and change it if necessary later. I imagine that programs are used to people changing dates on them, so you might as well have your best "day" reserved while it's still available. I wouldn't worry about programs that haven't downloaded stuff until after the MSPE goes out (Nov 1st) as I'm certain that some programs are waiting for that to be released before they touch any app stuff.

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