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Mississippi College: Master of Medical Science

Discussion in 'Postbaccalaureate Programs' started by kingsingh, 05.24.07.

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  1. kingsingh

    kingsingh 5+ Year Member

    Pre-Health (Field Undecided)

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    The program is listed on aamc's website as a SMP. I could not find any info about it on SDN. Is it any good?
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  3. Amerloque


    I had the same question! I was looking at SMPs on the AAMC website and came across the M.S. Medical Science at Mississippi College. Anybody has heard about it? :):)
  4. Remiller

    Remiller Collator 5+ Year Member

    Medical Student
    I just got accepted to this program. After talking with the program head, who also works at Univ. of Mississippi Med School, I learned that doing well in this program sets you up for admission to that school. The program consists of medical-level courses taught by at least one medical school professor.

    I was surprised there was no info for this program on SDN. It seems like a gem considering the cost (about 12k), the fact you get a MS in one year, and that it feeds (albeit unofficially as it's a different school) into Univ. of Miss. Med School, also low in cost and not without a decent match list.

    By the way, if you apply to the med school you have to be a resident of MS by the time you matriculate, so you would have to move out there sometime in July to be a resident by the 2008 matriculation date.

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