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podiatrist salary

Discussion in 'Podiatry Students' started by preDO12345678, 12.07.12.

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  1. preDO12345678


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    Just to be realistic, on average, do/CAN podiatrists earn 110k, assuming that they operate on regular basis and run their clinics ???? I know a podiatrist in chinatown see like 35+ patients a day.. and always busy... ??

    35 patients day x 5 days x 52 weeks -_- ?? + surgery - malpractice..

    SOMEONE INFORMS me! :scared:

    AND NO... im not "just for the money" I love the profession as well.. even if i will be earning 50k.. i frankly do not mind.. but i just want ot know the ballpark salary.. in general.. cause the podiatrists, especially the chinese ones are extremely BUSY... (not much chinese-speaking podiatrists around... and lots of immigrant would pay cash for the services )
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  3. Feli

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    If you make net $110k, you are below average for a ABPS board cert 3yr trained grad (the standard for DPMs now).

    I stand to make significantly more than that during my first 12mo contract (assuming I work hard and hit my bonuses well), and I even took the "delay gratification" financial route of private practice. Some of my co-residents and other colleagues who took the more immediate (higher base salary) gratification route of hospital or large doc group employment probably cleared $100k in their first 6 months... but most of them have much less income ceiling than a private practitioner with future owner/partnership potential and many other streams of revenue aside from just RVUs will have available. When I say gratification, I am referencing just the money, though... there is actually much more: hours worked, enjoyment, patient population and variety, co-workers, autonomy, etc etc etc.

    In podiatry, you will do quite well. Keep shadowing DPMs and ask questions on the forums, but pick a career because you like it and can see yourself having satisfaction... not just making dollars. GL
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