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Podiatry in general?

Discussion in 'Podiatry Students' started by rwebster23, 08.10.05.

  1. rwebster23

    rwebster23 Junior Member

    Salt Lake City, UT

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    I' ve been recently thinking of podiatry and want to know more about it as a career path. I would like to go into a field of medicine which is non-invasive. Is podiatry a good choice for that scope of practice? Do all podiatrists perform surgery? I also like the idea that podiatrists are accepted in the medical community where as chiropractors, etc. are not.
    Any comments would be helpful.
  2. krabmas

    krabmas Senior Member Moderator Emeritus

    Fellow [Any Field]
    SDN 5+ Year Member
    Not all pods do surgery. However since the residency programs changed last year and are continuing to change almost everyone out of pod school will do a surgical residnecy in order to get lisensed (sp?).

    I think Hawaii is one of the only states left that does not require a residency to practice.

    There are orthopedic pods out there but even they do surgery just like orthopods that are MDs do surgery.

    There are also primary care pods that do corns, calluses, cutting nails, wound care, dermatology...

    in any subspecialty of podiatry there may be cases for surgery though. You can always refer patients that need surgery to some one else....

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