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Questions from the peanut gallery re: application process

Discussion in 'Radiation Oncology' started by Ursus Martimus, 06.27.04.

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  1. Ursus Martimus

    Ursus Martimus Ursus Martimus

    SDN 7+ Year Member

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    A few questions about the coming year's application process a la eras with respect to radonc.

    1. How do we find out exactly how many slots each schools have available for the PGY-2 spot that would be offered for the 2006 year, as I belive that is what we would be matching into? Schools say 1-4 slots per year in some instances, is it necessary to contact each program?

    2. I am guessing earlier is better for the application process, but since the applicant registration begins aug 15 and programs registration begins Sept 1, when is it best to have all the materials in. For instance is it best to have all possible letters of recommendation in by Sept 1, and if you have a rotation coming up in sept from who you might get a big name rec from is that too late?

    3. Who should you include letters of rec from? I am guessing two from radonc, one from med? or how about surgery, even if the guy is less well known? How about OB/Gyn- if you saw lots of intracavitary rt for cervical ca. How about letters from PhD advisors for MD/PhD's?

    4. If you are truely interested in academic programs should you write that into your personal statement. Or will that cut you out or consideration for some programs.

    5. How creative should your personal statement be? Should it be very matter of fact or more allegorical?

    Thanks, many times over, in advance for all your input.
  2. stephew

    stephew SDN Super Moderator Moderator Emeritus

    SDN 10+ Year Member
    youre most important thing here is getting that ERAS application in EARLY. Like day one. Complete it soon as you can but start and submitt from day one. its the difference between geting an interview and not. as for mentioning academicsL yes its great for academic programs but remember, some places just aren't power centers. you dont want to turn them off; your personal statement - anything is go, just use good judgement always. ill leave it that vague. any letter of rec that will reflect well on your is kosher (but of course you need the radonc good letters too). obs gyn or surg are fine and if the gyne folks saw you do implants, that's cool.

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