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SF Match stipulation on NRMP rank list

Discussion in 'Neurology' started by BVP, 02.23.03.

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  1. BVP

    BVP Junior Member

    SDN 7+ Year Member

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    I posted this question in the general residency frum and didnt get any helpful answers. Thought Neurology folks might have had similar situation.

    I got matched with a 3 year Neurology program through SF Match and will be participating in the NRMP match for preliminary year internal medicine.

    SF Match stipulates one should withdraw from competing PGY2 positions in NRMP if he/she matches with any of the SF Match programs.

    My dilemma is about what happens if I do not get matched with any of the preliminary positions and should I rank the 4 year anesthesiology program I attended as the last entry in my NRMP rank list after all my preliminary position ranks.

    My idea is if I dont get matched with any of the preliminary positions, my neurology match will get cancelled and I become eligible for the 4 year anesthesiology program without violating the SF match rule.

    My dilemma is not about choosing neurology or anesthesiology. I am afraid scramble for preliminary will be tough and I do not want to end up unmatched.

    Thats why I would like to try my luck with the other option I have before going for the scramble.

    Appreciate if any one could confirm my assumption or share your idea
  2. panch

    panch Member

    PGY*toasted in chicago
    SDN 7+ Year Member

    don't rank the anesthesia program.

    if you truly are serious about neurology, that one year will be an utter waste of time only to withdraw from the program and reapply for neurology. you can always scramble into a prelim year (or even a transitional year if your PD at your neurology program would allow it).

    also, have your future PD make phone calls for you, they don't want you to go unmatched almost as much as you (that would leave them w/ a spot to short match for July 2004).

    so make your wishes clear to the prelim PDs and to your future PD in neurology.

    good luck. :rolleyes:

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