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Shadowing/Vet Hours Question

Discussion in 'Pre-Veterinary' started by HowIMetYourPet, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. HowIMetYourPet


    Apr 1, 2013

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    Hello Again!!

    Quick question, I tried searching the forums, but couldn't find the "right" answer.

    I'm talking with a Research Vet at a local hospital/medical research center about shadowing. This vet does very little actual animal work, none of the 3 staff vets do. On occasion they over see surgeries on large animals (sheep, pigs, monkeys), but the techs and PhDs do almost everything. If there are very few opportunities to shadow the vet doing something, and I shadow a tech-who is doing things like supervising surgeries of large animals (the PhDs aren't supervised when working on mice/rats/rabbits/etc)-can that count as vet experience? I figured watching a Vet fill out paper work wouldn't help me very much ;)

    I have independent research experience (its cellular research, but it includes being on an Abstract submitted at a major conference, and being on two upcoming papers) so I don't need the hours/experience in that aspect, I need the research vet hours......opinions?
  2. dvmdreamer

    dvmdreamer Mizzou c/o 2017

    Nov 5, 2011
    Veterinary Student
    SDN 2+ Year Member
    I believe the current consensus is that the VMCAS this year is set up differently for research than it was prior, so no one is entirely sure on what will count where until it is up.

    My personal opinion that is not based on anything but my own thought process would be that this is veterinary research, because they are veterinarians doing research. The point of shadowing hours (and having diversity in different areas) is to get an solid idea of careers available in veterinary medicine, not to be learning animal handling techniques. So therefore, you are still observing the work of a veterinarian, even if they are not working with an animal. Just as a large part of a clinical vet's day is spent on the phone with labs and clients and that just as important (if not more) than watching him/her give puppy shots.

    ETA: I just noticed you said shadowing a tech. I believe you need to be under the direct supervision of the veterinarian, as it was worded last year. I think you need to be with the vet as much as possible.

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