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Took Step 2 Yesterday

Discussion in 'Step II' started by adamant, 06.30.05.

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  1. adamant

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    Puerto Rico
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    That was a wicked hard test!
    I have to say that I was surprised by how difficult Step 2 was in comparison to Step 1. The questions were much longer, more subtle, more ambigious and frustrating than on Step 1. My test was almost entirely (90%) IM, OB-GYN and PEDS. Surgery/trauma was tested very lightly and the Q's were pretty superficial. Psych was only about 10 Q's on the whole exam, I was surprised by this. Epidemiology/Biostats only had about 5 Q's. The first 4 blocks were extremely heavy on OB-GYN/ Gastro and Pneumo. The last 4 blocks were almost all Peds/ Renal / Rhuematology. Cardiology was almost completely absent from my test. I had only 1 Q with an EKG on it. Derm was also lightly tested (Disappointing since that is what I want to go into). I had only a few straight Neuro Q's as well.
    It was frustrating since almost every Q seemed begin with a 65 year old man presents with shortness of breath, or a 16 year old pregnant female presents with abdominal pain. There was also a conspicious absence of photos on my test. I only got about 5-10 Q's with pics in them. Mostly I got long, wordy descriptions, followed by many seemingly irrelevent lab test results. On many Q's I had a hard time getting my hands on what the heck they were getting at.

    As far as studying goes, I spent 21 days dedicated to Step 2. I used the usual resources, Secrets, First Aid for Medicine and for Step 2, Blueprints for OB-GYN, BRS Peds, Surgery Recall. In retrospect I should have spent a day or two reviewing BRS Path from second year since I got quite a few Q's asking for the most likely pathological finding. I really liked the BRS PEDS and Blueprints OB-GYN, Surgery Recall was a waste of time.
    I finished Q-Bank with a 79%.
    I'll post my scores when they arrive. Good Luck to everyone!

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