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When Should I Submit?

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by RU1992, 06.10.12.

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  1. RU1992


    Dental Student
    SDN 2+ Year Member

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    I hope everything is going well. I just wanted to take advice on when I should submit my application. I'm taking my DAT July 3rd for the first time and am having my letters of rec/transcript processed and sent out to AADSAS this week. Do you guys recommend applying to schools and then taking my DAT and having my score sent (this would cost a LOT of money because I would apply to all sorts of schools not knowing a score)? Or would you recommend after my exam July 3rd to apply that same day and have a more narrow and realistic list of schools? My main question, does it really matter if I submit now versus July 3rd, since my letters and transcript have still not been sent out?Thank you again!

    GPA: 3.7 cum 3.6 science
    Resume: Shadowed a General Dentist, Did UMDNJ Summer Program, Research, Work in a Hospital, Leadership on Campus, Volunteer
  2. dentalprodigy

    dentalprodigy Mr. Awesome

    South Jersey, NJ
    Dental Student
    SDN 5+ Year Member
    id apply July's not late at all...still kinda early. good luck

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