2 gap years

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  1. Wayfinder

    Getting into Research after Undergrad?

    Hello SDN! I just graduated from undergrad last May and I have been working a non-for-profit, my position here continues until December. I absolutely love my non-for-profit work through the serious fun network. I have been working with chronically ill children but while working with this...
  2. A

    Should I apply this year??

  3. L

    Should I do an SMP

    I'm a little concerned about what I should be doing for my 2nd gap year and I heard a little about SMPs but I'm not really sure. Here are my stats: -Biology major 3.3cGPA 3.4scGPA from a top 20 University -MCAT in 2015 500 (yes I know), retake in 2016 507 -Graduated this May and am currently...