2016 mcat study material

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    For Sale TBR 2016 BRAND NEW FULL SET MCAT TEXTBOOKS--never been opened

    Hey Y'all! I made a last minute decision to not continue on with medical school and forgot I had already ordered new 2016 textbooks from The Berkeley Review! I have available a full 2016 set never been opened, which includes: General Chem I&II 2016: $70 for set/$40 for one...
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    Looking for The Berkeley Review sets 2015 or 2016

    Hello everyone, I am looking for The Berkeley Review sets for 2015 or 2016. I would be willing to barter for them and I will make a reasonable offer as long as they are virtually brand new and if I can receive verification on their authenticity.
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    2016 MCAT books for sale

    Hi, nearly perfect set of 2016 MCAT kaplan books. Got accepted to optometry school but thought i'd try for med school instead. Ordered these books studied a little then decided to stay on my path to becoming an optometrist. I'm moving from Hawaii to Florida and have to get rid of everything so...