2017 dat

  1. A

    For Sale DAT Study Materials (Used these and got accepted 12/01/2017!!!)

    I took my DAT in January 2017 and recently (12/01/17) was accepted into dental school. These are the materials I used to prepare for the exam and I highly recommend this study package to anyone who really wants to pass the DAT exam with high scores. Selling bundle for $250(USD). This bundle...
  2. Engineer dentist

    7/13/2017 Breakdown

    I took the DAT a few days ago. If you're reading this then you are doing exactly what I had done for the past two weeks straight it feels like. And reading about 24AA scores made me feel inadequate and dumb. Hopefully this helps out some more normal folks like myself. Remember that this is just...
  3. ShowTheTeeth

    Creighton University Supplemental Application Questions 2016

    Hey guys I am currently applying to CU and I wanted to know has anyone completed the questions/essays in the Supp. App.? There was no mention of limits that I found on the website but I just wanted to make sure that I did not overlook it. The Supp App is in paper form but it only gives a few...
  4. D

    DAT 2017 Changes

    Anyone know what changes will be made to the 2017 DAT? I heard that it is supposed to change but I was curious as to what changes were going to be made to it. Thank you!