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    MD WAMC Canadian-Iranian 507 MCAT 4.0 GPA

    Hello Everyone! I posted before with a similar topic, but have done more research I was wondering if I could get some help with my school list, thanks! MCAT - 507 (125,126,128,128) cGPA 3.99 Electrical Engineering Ontario Resident Clinical Hours ~ 50 will get to 100-200 before i apply...
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    4.0 GPA / 21AA: What are my chances and advice?

    I know this may sounds stupid, but I'm genuinely worried I won't get into many of the schools I want to because my PAT is 18 and my AA is 21. I'm planning to apply this cycle. To name some schools I'd really like to get into: UCSF, UOP, Harvard, Michigan, UCLA and USC. I feel like most of these...