May 7, 2017
Hello Everyone! I posted before with a similar topic, but have done more research

I was wondering if I could get some help with my school list, thanks!
MCAT - 507 (125,126,128,128)
cGPA 3.99 Electrical Engineering
Ontario Resident

Clinical Hours ~ 50
will get to 100-200 before i apply.

Research: 1000+ (1 publication- more to come)
-currently doing masters in ECE at uWaterloo, looking at a career change

Volunteer: 80 (non-clinical)

Shadowing: 100

ECs: Multiple Leadership positions in IEEE, Engineering Society etc.

Current MD School List:

McMaster University
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
University of Ottawa
Queen’s University
University of Toronto (heard mcat was just a cutoff)
Central Michigan University
Wayne state

Not sure if I should add or remove anything from my list. Im assuming American schools are much harder on Canadians? Do I even have a chance to begin with? Also considering retaking the MCAT.
Thanks a lot for your help!
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