1. shinebright

    How do I score a 500 on the MCAT? Testing in 11 days

    Hello, I am in desperate need of help. I would love detailed guidance on how I can increase my mcat score to a 500. I took a practice test about 2 months ago and scored a 482. Fast forward to now, after studying for 150 hours of content review and skill review I'm now at a 481. I don't know if...
  2. J

    DO LIST?

    Hey guys! So after receiving my MCAT score back today, I decided I want to add more DO schools? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.:) cGPA: 3.57 sGPA:3.33 MCAT: 500 I hope its okay that you all can trust me that my extracurriculars are probably the strongest part of my application but I...
  3. Z

    Met two people with MCAT less than 500, how? + What they said

    So, this week I met two people who were coincidently good friends prior to medical school with lower MCATs attending the same school --My question at the end... The first guy is a URM with a 497 and a 3.5 The second guy is a ORM with a 500(sorry its technically not less than 500) and a 3.9 I...
  4. D

    500 hump problem driving me insane!

    i want to pull out my hair while screaming and running down the street, but i will try to refrain so I can focus on my studies. my goal is a 510 and to get into an md school. i have been studying for 3 months. i have taken 8 practice tests with a 496, 500, 509 (doesn't count b/c it was...
  5. L

    Should I retake MCAT 3rd time?

    Hello!! I'm currently in a gap year after graduating with a 3.3 cGPA 3.4 sGPA. I took the MCAT in 2015 got a 500. Retake in 2016 507. My study habits were really poor during my last two years because of stress at home and at school (i didn't take any practice tests and didn't bother even...