1. D

    Should I apply this cycle

    I guys I recently took the dat and scored a AA of 19 the total breakdown is as follows PA 21 QR 17 RC 16 BIO 22 GC 20 OC 21 AA19 I have a 3.5 gpa. Multiple research experience, volunteer experience and working as dental assistant right now. I was hoping for a 20 or above but orgo score was...
  2. maybeapedsdoc22

    DAT is 6 days away & 2009 DAT stressing me out :(

    Bear with my poor soul, I think I just really need a confidence boost and some motivation. Bio: 21 GC: 19 OC: 17!!!!!! RC: 20 QR: 17!!!!!!!! PAT: 18 :/ I really need to get a 20+ on my AA and hopefully a 20 on my TS (though I’d be happy with a 19). I am 6 days away and I don’t feel like I can...