1. D


    I am retaking the DAT in July, have a GPA of about 3.47 and science is around 3.2. I am retaking a course but transcript wont be out for that specific course until August. I am sending my application around late June so all I have left is to update DAT in July. I will be letting schools know of...
  2. loci149xx

    Future Pre-Dental club position on AADSAS

    Hello everyone, I have been elected as a treasurer of the pre-dent club at my University for the 2017-2018 cycle. Although the positions will be 'active' in August, we are already working on planning activities for the next school year. Is it fair to include this position in my application?
  3. smileandwave

    Question regarding HPAC/AADSAS ID/LORs