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    For Sale PEDIATRICS | MedStudy Peds 2018-2019 Flashcards (ABP)

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    ABP Med Study Books

    ABP Med Study Books (Full Set of 5 Books for the Pediatric Boards) Price Negotiable. If interested, please send me a DM.
  3. Akam ahz

    Diastolic pressure in older age

    Hello, I read in my book that: the normal arterial blood pressure (ABP) in the age of 20 years old = 120/70. Whilst when we get older at 60 years old, for instance, the ABP = 150/90. My question is about the increase in the diastolic value, why the diastolic pressure increases as we age...
  4. StrongBeliever

    Why does adrenaline have a small effect on ABP??

    In my book, it says, Adrenaline has less effect [I think they're comparing it to noradrenaline] on ABP due to vasoconstriction and vasodilatation of skeletal muscle arterioles and so TPR is slightly affected. It affects SBP while DBP is slightly decreased. Pulse pressure is augmented but MAP...
  5. A

    Atlantic Bridge Program- MCAT question

    Hello, I am applying to Irish med schools for the 2016 entry. I am done with the application, personal statement. However, I am stuck on a decision. I took MCAT in September of this year and got 493 (which I believe hovers around old 21-22) but I am now planning to give it in January as well as...