Atlantic Bridge Program- MCAT question

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Jul 14, 2015
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I am applying to Irish med schools for the 2016 entry. I am done with the application, personal statement. However, I am stuck on a decision. I took MCAT in September of this year and got 493 (which I believe hovers around old 21-22) but I am now planning to give it in January as well as I believe I can do much better by preparing for a longer time (will have around 3 months) and doing lots of practice tests. So, in the application where it asks for MCAT dates can I check BOTH the boxes for my previous mcat date as well as the one I will be giving in or is it not a good idea to check more than one box.
I want to keep the first date (September 2015) just in case I am not able to take mcat again or will ABP/universities accept my old scores even though I have not mentioned in the application that I took mcat?


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Check BOTH boxes. It'll keep your app from getting rejected before your new MCAT comes in.