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    Prereading before gensurg intern year

    I'm a nontrad med student (MS4) who just applied into General Surgery. I have a few months off between my graduation and July 1 and really need some advice on what resources I should use to keep my medical knowledge current before starting internship. A lot of residents say things along the...
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    Independent PRS fellowship Application competitiveness

    Background: I am a 3rd year gen surg resident who failed to match into PRS out of medical school who is trying to determine if an additional year or research is necessary to match into an independent PRS program Hello, I seem to not be able to find this information very easily online, but how...
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    ABSITE Study using Anki Flashcards, Seeking Volunteers to help

    Thank you for visiting this post. I have a large set (about 5000 cards) of ABSITE flashcards on Anki (a flashcard application which uses spaced repetition) which I'd like to update. They are based on the Fiser ABSITE Review (4th edition). Can you help create this ultimate study resource? WHO...