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Gen Surg MD MPH

2+ Year Member
Jun 8, 2015
Thank you for visiting this post.

I have a large set (about 5000 cards) of ABSITE flashcards on Anki (a flashcard application which uses spaced repetition) which I'd like to update. They are based on the Fiser ABSITE Review (4th edition). Can you help create this ultimate study resource?

WHO: Medical Students and residents.
WHAT: Create a master study resource, based on the Fiser Review and Greenfield's of about 4000-5000 Anki Flashcards
HOW: Divide and conquer. I cannot do this alone and thus I am asking for your help. If we have 50 people who agree, each person takes a chapter and then we assemble the cards altogether.
WHY: I have digital versions of Greenfield's and Fiser which, for educational purposes (which this is) I could share with you. We create flashcards and then you review the flashcards which is more effective (for learning and retention) than reading.

If you're interested, please email me:

I will coordinate chapter assignments and send you the Flashcards that I have already.