1. dr.ewok

    Medical University of Lublin

    Hello, this thread is for anyone who has been or is going to be attending the Medical University of Lublin in Poland. Any insight on attending the university or preparring to go. Since there doesn't seem to be a forum provided by the university or anywhere else all topic discussions are...
  2. ifJDwasagirl

    MD & DO WOLF PACC for live USMLE prep? Plz send help

    hello SDN - I'm new to the site & I need advice! I want to do a live USMLE prep during the summer between M1 & M2 years (Current MS1 at an allopathic school). The WolfPacc program was recommended to me, but then I read a bunch of reviews that seemed fake (both good & bad) & now I'm worried...
  3. K

    MCAT accommodations-double time

    Hi all, I'm taking the MCAT in a few months and applying for double time. I've heard it's very hard to get. I was wondering if anyone had received it? If so, what did you do? I have cerebral palsy, ADD, anxiety, reading comprehension issues, vision problems and learning disabilities that were a...
  4. A

    Accommodations for COMLEX 1

    I was wondering if anyone was able to get accommodations for comlex/usmle? What wording did you use? Would accommodations be possible for someone who's first language isn't english and is having a hard time reading the questions within the given amount of time?
  5. D

    Designated "Disabled" / special accommodations

  6. S

    RCSI GEM Accommodation

    I know this has been posted about many times, but I wanted to get updated info since I understand things have changed over the years. Here's my situation: I'm a Canadian who will be attending RCSI for the GEM (4-year) program in September. I'm going to be 22. I'm more on the quiet/studious side...
  7. S

    USMLE USMLE accommodation request personal stories

    Hello, I can't seem to find any recent (or any) info on personal success stories, with getting accommodations on the USMLE step 1. I have perhaps the world's worst ADHD, which caused me to fail mostly out of highschool, and two undergrad institutions, largely cause I couldn't finish a...