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    ADEA PASS submitting test scores

    Hi all I am applying to ortho programs. I took my GRE on 07/16/22, so I am still waiting for the official score report. Once it comes out, how am I supposed to send it to the schools? Can I just send the score once to ADEA PASS for all the schools participating in PASS? Or would I need to send...
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    ***PEDS Official 2023 PASS/Interviews/Match/Non-Match***

    Let's get this party started! Best of luck to all my future pediatric dentistry colleagues :) Feel free to post any questions/insight/advice/etc so we can navigate this process together. Here are links to previous threads: 2022 Cycle 2021 Cycle 2020 Cycle 2019 Cycle
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    Major in ADEA PASS

    Applying for ADEA PASS, in the undergrad section what major do you put in if you have a bachelor in dental surgery? The dental options are dental assistance, hygenist, lab tech oriented.
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    Perio Residency 2017

    This is a thread for 2017 perio applicants. Has anyone started to get interviews yet from any school?