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    Air Force Reserve vs Air National Guard

    Hello! So I initially had a lot of interest in doing the Air Force FAP once I complete medical school, but after reading through a ton of these forums and talking to my girlfriend (with whom I have a daughter) I'm hesitant to do 4 years of active duty. I'm still interested in serving, though...
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    Air Force Reserves Aerospace Medicine Specialist

    Hi I'm new here. I'm still an undergraduate, so this may be a bit far off for me. I was wondering if anyone knows exactly what are the steps to becoming an aerospace medicine specialist in the air force reserves? I couldn't find much detailed information on it anywhere.
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    Other OT-Related Information OT in the Air Force Reserves?

    Has anyone joined the US Air Force Reserves as an occupational therapist before? I'd like to know the pros and cons of joining. How's the climate working as a healthcare professional in a world so dominated by masculinity and hierarchy? What kind of cases does an OT see with members of the Air...