allied health

  1. D

    MD & DO High school Grades Dragging me down?

  2. A

    PA going back for PhD?

    Hey everyone, first time on this, but I really need to reach out to see if there has ever been another person in my shoes here. I am a PA (pathologists' assistant)- many parallels to a physicians' assistant- I have a master's, national certification and state license as a pathologists'...
  3. TampaBayFlorida

    **Please Give Me Allied Health Program Advice**

    Please give me any advice you think would be beneficial to augmenting my student/professional record as well as directing me towards a particular Allied Health field. What will make me a better candidate? What I’m doing now: Taking prerequisites (at a community college) for Allied Health...
  4. U

    Chose the wrong major??

    So i've been admitted into UNT with a major in allied health for arts and science program, but my profession is pharmacy. I feel like I should've taken something like biochemistry to have the prerequisites to get into pharmacy school. Would I still be able to get in for pharmacy school?