1. T

    Apply this cycle or SMP?

    Hey guys, so I’m in a dilemma with wasting a ton of money and time applying and maybe not getting in or go ahead and start an SMP. Here is a little background: 3.35 gpa (upward trend of 2.7-> 3.35 over 2 years) 3.4 sgpa Practice mcat scores have been around 512 consistently. Decent amount...
  2. G

    MD Can a 503 MCAT with a 3.37 GPA get into these Allopathic MD schools?

    So above is my GPA and MCAT (individual sections are posted below if you care to look) score. I have shadowed 5 doctors and I have both an MD and DO writing LOR's for me just to give some light as to the rest of my app. My residency is in Ohio. These are the MD schools I selected: 1) Rosalind...
  3. Snickerdoodle1996


    hello everyone, Does anyone know what MCAT range NOVA MD prefers? And whether or not they favor Florida residents. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth applying to. The MSAR is lacking in information since the school is new. Thanks.
  4. T

    Are D.O. students disadvantaged on USMLE?

    Hi guys. I'm sorry because I can't find information that addresses this exact question. 1. Do you guys feel that if a DO student decides to study for both the USMLE as well as COMLEX that they are at some kind of disadvantage over someone who only had to study for the USMLE or only for the...
  5. AcornFactory

    Most med schools don't require calculus anymore, right?

    I'm not majorly concerned about any of the other med school prerequisites....but calculus scares the **** out of me. I've successfully avoided math entirely unto this point. Now I'm in an algebra class, and that's fine, I'm getting an A; but I honestly think that I'm not capable of going up to...