1. T

    Holistic studies and choosing a career

    Hello all, I am in the midsts of figuring out what I want to invest my time and money into studying. I have a bachelors of psychology and environmental studies but would like to get back to school. I have been going back and forth between a masters of psychology, clinical social work, nursing...
  2. N

    Lose-Lose Gridlock

    Thank you in advance for your advice. I’m having trouble in residency and thinking of trying to find an alternative. I will try to stay vague so my PD doesn’t learn about this from SDN somehow. I matched into my top choice and I’m loving the program. It’s a very poor hospital system with tons...
  3. Potentia Virtus

    MD Alternatives

    First, stats: 3.4x C/S GPA. 519 MCAT. Lots of paid healthcare experience. 250+ nonmedical volunteer. 150+ medical volunteer. 1+ year research, no pubs. I applied everywhere early, most of my secondaries complete mid July. I am aware that it's early still, but I haven't received the love from...
  4. W

    Postbacc Suggestions/Advice: Chances maybe?

    Hey Everybody! I've been looking around for a decent Post-Bacc program that could either link me into medical school (ie. goucher, Drexel PTMS) or an overall top-tier program without linkage (ie. Mills, Brynn Maar). My last semester as an undergraduate (Whitman College) is ending this coming...
  5. A

    Undergrad Research Topic-Medicinal Plants/Infertility

    My gen chem professor has been sent several plants from Zambia, Africa by an MD friend of his who wanted students to look into the plants' medicinal properties, specifically treating infertility. Unfortunately the plants have already been processed for research (some are in powder form). Also we...
  6. J

    Alternatives to my situation

    Hello, all posting because I believe I have found my self "stuck between a rock and a hard place". I going into my Jr. year of college and trying to figure out my aspiring dream of becoming a dentist. Currently, my GPA at my college is a 3.67 at the college I am attending at a 3.5 at the...