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  1. P

    Altius Summer Immersion - Everywhere

    Has anyone taken the Altius Summer Immersion program specifically the "Everywhere" option. If so, how is it structured for the group sessions considering it is online. Also, is the schedule for the program the same as the in-person program or different?
  2. rangerdad

    Best MCAT prep course and software (IF MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE)

    Hello guys, I haven't posted anything in a while, but I chose to stay away from this website for a while. I a little intense! I am almost at the end of my Biomedical degree and now I am starting to think about MCAT prep. As a prior military member I am using the Vocational Rehab Program, and I...
  3. P

    Next-Step / Altius / Kaplan / TPR - FL Opinions

    I know there's a lot of threads out there asking about which company has the best exams and everyone says different things which makes it even harder to choose when you start scouring reddit and SDN. Here I give my own opinions and personal experiences with the following: NS, Altius, Kaplan...
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